Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring 2011 Sewing List - Update #2

Here's my currently updated Spring 2011 Sewing To-Do list (original list posted on 3/29) with newest updates in creamy burnt orange (red is from Update #1):

Mend N's hat Finished 3/26
Pocket in wool dress skirt
Finished 3/26
Corset - I've got the "first draft" (mockup stage) almost ready to go.
Finish Toile - I really can't finish this until I do the corset...
Wool bodice - I really can't do this until I finish the toile! (This fabric)
Semi-sheer dress - See "wool bodice" ^^.  I ripped the skirt panels today (5/18).  This fabric
Fancy petticoat - Because let's face it, I just need a fancy petticoat to go under my sheer dress and my wrapper! My inspiration image.
Re-pleat Green cotton print dress skirt - Fortunately, this is the only dress that needs re-pleating after I made my cage!
Shirt for Tim -  Finished 5/11
Cage - Finished 4/11
Kid's clothes:
Underclothes - I originally thought it'd be okay, but I actually ended up having to take one of the petticoats up because Miss E is a tiny thing :) 
E's Dress - Finished 5/11 
Short sleeves in N's tunics

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  1. :D My list is always growing! I wish it would shrink for a while. I can't wait to see photos of all of these things.