Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Hood and a Saque

I've decided what materials that I'm going to use for Nathaniel's saque and my hood! For my hood, I'm using remnant pieces of wool left over from when I made "the guys" shell jackets! Its a beautiful blue/gray wool. I'm lining it with some burgundy silk twill I got from Fashion Fabrics Club online. I'm also sewing it 100% by hand! It's turning out lovely so far! :) Nathaniel's saque will be done out of my old cape. I'll use the wool and the polished cotton that it was lined with for the outer and lining for his coat. It should be really cute. I did the muslin (like I said in the previous post) and decided to lengthen it, since he's slim and tall and doesn't seem to be putting on any width but lots of height. I'd like for him to be able to wear it next spring since we only have ONE more event this year!