Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weather Change

Well, apparently, with Fall-ish weather my desire to blog comes back :) I, of course, have a lot that I can blog about since we've done a few events since my last post plus all of my little sewing projects! :).

We did an event at the end of July.  It was the first time that we'd done this event and it turned out to be a nice little event.  The grounds have a lot of potential and the organizers seem to be very open to suggestion and change for the better.  It's on a nice big farm with a mill and water wheel.

The Mill (with blue-belly infantry inside)
Buck came out again!

Elsa helped me work on my blue semi-sheer dress ;)

 I was able to wear my semi-sheer dress for the first time on Sunday.  Since then, I've put trim on the bodice and made a frill for inside the collar (post coming soon).

Elsa slept through the battle on Sunday!

More pictures from this event on Facebook

 Upcoming post topics will be an updated sewing list, another event post, details of new semi-sheer, new chemise, and whatever else I can think up and remember!