Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Timely Tresses Eliza Coretta Pattern/Kit Review and Finished Pictures


Last year I had a bit of spare birthday money and I decided to order a Timely Tresses Eliza Coretta kit.  The kit comes with the pattern, buckram, crinoline tape, wire and connecters that are needed to make an 1860s bonnet form.  I also ordered a blocked tip (that's the the back, bowl-looking part) and the Add-On Kit--which included the lining for inside the form (so your hair doesn't get caught on the buckram), cotton netting for lining the bavolet/curtain with (and also a frill, if you want one), a curved needle (pretty handy-dandy to have--especially, when attaching the flowers), and a nice white box with a lid for the finished bonnet!

Finished Buckram Form - Front

I had the form together in a very timely matter and didn't find it too hard at all.  Rather enjoyable, really! The pattern was very easy to follow with well-drawn diagrams and black and white photos to show what she was talking about.  The pattern is also really well researched and provides pictures from period magazines, original bonnets and photographs.  She gives lots of period correct options for decorating, so it's very easy to see how this pattern could be used by one person over and over again and end up with different looks each time.

Finished Buckram Form - Back

The tech support is also fabulous! She's always quick to return emails with clear answers and honest feedback.  The materials included in the kits seem to be of the highest quality and I expect my bonnet to last for many seasons with good care!
Finished Form - Side

Not only does the pattern directions instruct you how to construct the form, but it also includes instructions on how to cover and decorate the form--which I found very useful! It's pretty much a millinery workshop in a box! ;)

Decoration Details:
A few years ago, I picked up some beautiful "maize" silk faille from Fashion Fabrics Club, but I didn't have a specific intended use for it--until I discovered millinery. ;)  I decided to use it to cover my buckram form--it's such a lovely yellow silk!

For the ribbon and flowers, etc. I again turned to Timely Tresses and her wonderful selection of trimmings!

Obviously, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!! :)