Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Event of the 2011 Season

Cannon-fire on Saturday
 Well, we have officially kicked off the 2011 season! We had our first event last weekend.  6 years ago it was my very first event.  I bought my first dress there--pretty farby, but not bad for a beginning (at least it was a one piece dress!). Unfortunately, this past weekend marked it as the last event at this location :( Sad.  It was originally run by an individual person and then it got to be too much and he gave it up.  The chamber of commerce then picked it up with a grant for three years and this was the last of the three years.  So hopefully someone in the area will start a new event somewhere else.  It was only 30 minutes from our house, so that was really nice! :-/ Oh well! It is what it is!

Elsa loved our friend's dulcimer! She just loves any kind of music!

The weather was pretty darn good! Especially, considering how wet this Spring has been! It only rained a little bit on Saturday and Saturday night.  It was pretty hot on Sunday, but as long as you stayed in the shade it was fine! Saturday I wore my red plaid dress and Sunday I wore my sheer dress. 

My mom and E (Mom's hair got whipped around by the wind, hence the bangs ;))

 One of the most exciting parts of the weekend was getting to wear my new Timely Tresses bonnet that Tim got me for Christmas!! I've had it since March so I've been burning to wear it since then! I am SO thrilled with it! It makes me want to attempt making one....maybe someday :)

The 26th TX is now a dismounted AND mounted cavalry unit! :) This was "Buck's" first event and he did GREAT!

Better picture of Tim's new shirt :)

Our Wonderful Little Family <3 God is so good to me!