Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Girl's Corded Sunbonnet

E's corded sunbonnet is done! :) I downsized my sunbonnet pattern that I drafted (based on Duchess Martin's sunbonnet) and curved the front in inspiration of this original woman's sunbonnet:

Completed Corded Brim (before assembly)

I made the back of the crown with an adjustable casing for 1/4" twill tape that I can use to adjust to her head/neck and it also make ironing the crown easier.

Casing drawn up

Casing let out
The only seam that I seamed on the machine was when I seamed the two brim pieces together--the rest was done by hand.  It was a really fun little project! It always helps when you have an enthusiastic subject, too! ;)