Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring 2011 Sewing List

Well, I sat down and compiled my Spring 2011 Sewing To-Do list today so I thought I'd share that here. Here is what I came up with:

Mend N's hat
Pocket in wool dress skirt

Corset - I really need to do something with The Corset. I know I've been wearing it too high, so it might just be that, but I suspect that it's too long in the first place. I'm trying to decide whether to just make a new one (having my sister do Liz's duct tape pattern draft method) or just keep fiddling with this one.
Finish Toile - I really can't finish this until I figure out what to do about the corset...
Wool bodice - I really can't do this until I finish the toile! (This fabric)
Sheer dress - See "wool bodice" ^^. Though, I COULD do the skirt. But I haven't even gotten the fabric yet (I bought it, just not arrived).
Fancy petticoat - Because let's face it, I just need a fancy petticoat to go under my sheer dress (soon to be "dresses", plural) and my wrapper! My inspiration image.
Shirt for Tim - He's requested a white shirt. Have pattern, need fabric.
Cage - I took apart my old 6 bone hoop (Read: GWTW huge). I'm going to cover the plastic covered steel boning in twill tape and then make a cage per Liz's instructions.
E's clothes:
Underclothes? - I think she'll be set with N's old ones
Dress - I am just DYING to make her a double pink/cinnamon pink dress for her....we shall see. I haven't found any for less than $8 a yard.
Trim N's old red plaid dress - Maybe ruching?

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