Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring 2011 Sewing List - Update #1

Here's my updated Spring 2011 Sewing To-Do list (original list posted on 3/29) with new updates in red:

Mend N's hat Finished 3/26
Pocket in wool dress skirt
Finished 3/26
Corset - I think I've decided to have my sister do Liz's duct tape pattern draft method.
Finish Toile - I really can't finish this until I do the corset...
Wool bodice - I really can't do this until I finish the toile! (This fabric)
Sheer dress - See "wool bodice" ^^. Though, I COULD do the skirt. (This fabric)
Fancy petticoat - Because let's face it, I just need a fancy petticoat to go under my sheer dress and my wrapper! My inspiration image.
Shirt for Tim - He's requested a white shirt. Have pattern, now also have fabric.
Cage - Finished 4/11
E's clothes:
Underclothes? - I think she'll be set with N's old ones Yes. They'll be good.
Dress - I found a double pink at Joann's!!! For $3.99 a yard! YAY! :) So now I have to design it. I think I'm going to do a yoked bodice with bishop sleeves for the long and loose sleeves for the short!
Trim N's old red plaid dress - Maybe ruching? Decided to not do this.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cage - Finished!

I started my cage project a couple of days ago. I decided that the best and cheapest way for me to get a cage was disassemble my old 120"+ (read TOO BIG) 6 bone bridal hoop and use the plastic covered steels out of it. Of course, I wasn't going to have the plastic covered steel showing, so I bought a 72 yard of heavyweight cotton twill tape. I then hand-whipped the twill tape over the hooping.

I used Elizabeth Stewart-Clark's The Dressmaker's Guide as a guide, but I also used acquired knowledge from Sewing Academy posts from other forum member's who have made their own cages. The major things I changed from Liz's directions was to add a center back tape and to secure the steels in the tapes rather than let them "float" in the tapes. I also had to space the steels closer together than she suggests because I'm only 5'2" and I was using 6 steels instead of her suggested 4-5. Another thing I changed was not to use boning connectors, I just overlapped the steels and sewed through the tapes covering them. I spaced the bottom rungs 3" apart (7/8" channels) and the rest 5". The bottom two rungs are about the same circumference--100", the rest decrease in a very scientific and mathematically "lean" method: "as was pleasing to the eye". :P SOOO, without further ado, pictures!

Cage - In Progress

These pictures were taken yesterday morning. I've still got some steels to secure in the tapes and then finish balancing it on a waistband.

More when I'm finished. :)