Friday, September 28, 2012

Boy's Sack-style Coat

DS's wool overcoat is done with lots of time to spare for our next event (and next year, thanks to those nice long sleeves ;))! I used Sarah Meister's sack coat pattern (thank you, SO much, again, Sarah!!).  I took apart an old modern coat for the wool that I had on hand and I used stash-buttons, so it didn't cost this Scotch girl anything! :) I also lined it using the fabric from my very first reenacting dress that had seen better days (it was quite faded, but perfect for a coat lining).

For the closures, I decided to cover some brass buttons that I had in my stash, since I wanted to minimize the military look of it, which I think I was successful at doing. :)  He's a very happy boy with his coat! He's so much fun to sew for because he loves it so much when I make stuff for him! :) I can't wait to get a picture of him "properly" dressed with his red wool hat! I think he'll be quite the sharp-looking fellow!

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