Monday, May 21, 2012

Planning the Lilac Striped Maternity Dress

With my new-found motivation to sew again, I find myself ready to think about sewing my maternity dress out of the lovely FFC Hydrangea Striped Lawn (the same one that Sarah Meister made up into her lovely saque and petticoat).

I think Lilac Striped Lawn is a more appropriate name for color, though. ;)  Whatever you want to call it, it's a LOVELY fabric!

I want to make an adjustable dress, like Elizabeth talks about in her most recent blog post, "Great Expectations".

Here is what I'm planning at this point:
  • A half-high lining
  • Slight v-neck
  • A drawstring waistband (as mentioned in "Great Expectations" and seen on this dress)
  • I should have plenty of fabric to do a horizontal self-fabric band (or two?) on the skirt plus other self-fabric trimming
  • Gauged skirt
  • These sleeves
 I have a Sewing Academy post with questions and (hopefully, soon) feedback.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, either here in the comments, on The Sewing Academy thread or any other way of contacting me ;)

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