Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open Undersleeves

I've been thinking of doing some open undersleeves for my semi-sheer dress (which is still in the planning stages--Sewing Academy planning thread) so I hopped on some museum sites with collections and this is what I found:

MFA, Shaped, embroidered cuff and band
MFA, straight, embroidered cuff
MFA, straight, embroidered band and large cuff
MFA, open coat, two lace tiers
MET, funnel, two embroidered tiers
MET, straight, embroidered cuff and band
MET, straight, very sheer, embroidered band and larger cuff
MET, shaped with a yoke top, broderie anglaise embroidered
MET, straight, fuller top, two embroidered and scalloped tiers (one over a cuff?)
MET, straight, van dyke edge on tier, cuff
MET, slightly shaped, figured fabric, embroidered band, scalloped cuff edge
MET, shaped, very open sleeve, embroidered edge
MET, slightly shaped, very open, two embroidered tiers

I'm thinking that I'll go with either two tiers of gathered fabric with a slightly shaped...shape? OR I'll go with a gathered-into-band-with-cuff style...


  1. Thank you for posting these links! I am planning a sheer dress and looking at doing an open sleeve with open undersleeves - I was literally scheming as I fell asleep last night - and now you've done all my research for me! :D

  2. Oh! Can't wait to see them, Betsy! And you are most welcome! :)

  3. Okay I am new to this, but I don't understand how the undersleeves stay in place. I would like to try a sheer with undersleeves, but am not so sure how they work.



    I too am a Sewing academy memeber. That is how I found your blog.

  4. DaLena,

    The undersleeves can be tacked or straight pinned to the sleeve seam allowance :)

    I usually tack them, since I have small children to hold and I don't want them getting poked with a pin accidentally :)

    Hope that helps and let me know if you have other questions :)