Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Sewing List

Last night I sat down and made a list of the things I'd like to get sewn before our next event. So here it is:
  • Finish Hood - All that's left to do on it is finish one tie and sew both the ties on.
  • Finish N's saque coat - Its all cut out and the lining and outer pieces are sewn. The lining and the outer pieces are pinned together ready to sew. One sleeve is done.
  • See if I can squeeze a hood out of the wool I have left for N
  • Wash red plaid dress
  • Repair closure on RP Dress
  • Put pocket in RPD
  • Put long sleeves in N's dress - if its not too faded. It shouldn't be, he only wore it to two or three events this year.
  • Finish green dress for myself - I'm not really sure what is left to do on that...quite a bit. I have to pull it out today and look at it.
  • Finish N's strapped petticoat - needs a button or two and the straps need to be sewn down.
  • Move hook on underpetti
  • Pair of drawers for myself
  • New Chemise
  • Add two hooks to sheer dress - this does not have to be done by our October event, it will be much too cold to wear it then, so I have all winter to finish it :P
It's a good thing I've got my sewing energy back! :D I was so burnt out from the last sewing marathon I did!

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